15 April 2012

Statistics and Windows users

Not much to say this weekend so I make up this...

Looking at some statistics data sometime can be fun and give you some unexpected conclusion. Here is some trivia about this blog based on Google Analytics.

- "Borderline" article is always popular among Windows users, my two hackish article about two popular apps: sketchup and dropbox prove that. While dropbox article got linked many times the sketchup article traffic is barely came from Google search. Imagine if I wrote another similar hackish articles I bet this blog will no longer an open source blog. But I do intentionally lure visitors to peek on other articles (OSS) in the process however thats doesn't seems quite work according to statistics.

- Blogspot give you a bad name. At least thats what I felt in my country where majority blogs is aggregator or worse a duplicator :-) It's hard to believe the content of a blog is original even for myself. The abundant numbers of "peek and leave" visitors and the very low number of commenter come to mind. Even when the article is valid to their search.

- A portion of commenter and reader are Linux users despite linux platform represent less than 10% of total visitors! quite surprising. Ha ha see what a Windows diehard could attract :-)

- Decreasing Indonesian visitors, quite a sad fact. Somehow I believe I have good rank toward Indonesian googlers, but it's just open source + windows are very unpopular topic. Majority Indonesian open source users are IT students/graduates whom taught to use linux while the rest people like me have the Windows tendency. At some point I even consider to publish article in bilingual format to pump more native visitors but statistics say the targets here is by far lower than those developed countries such as Europe and US.

- Windows users don't/won't download unless something come with line: "This software has been scanned by forty something AV before uploaded even so you must scan it by yourself after download". I need to do comparison with others to came with this conclusion though. Thanks! this is the best heritage for becoming windows users. Be afraid people, be very afraid... virus is everywhere... Wow I must be very lucky still running XP with no active AV (just ClamWin) and still providing clean downloads ho ho.

- Open Source is the domain of developed countries (both developers and users). I hope I'm wrong but thats what the statistics say. Aside Japan/China which might have language barrier most visitors are US and Europe. Kind of irony but the reality show that crackers win the heart of most Windows users in developing countries. Piracy crushed open source in all sensible way :-)) I thought both are practically compatible...

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