27 April 2012

Multiple Google Drive (Do It Yourself)

Google head to cloud! started with Google Drive, a 5GB (free) file synchronization service application based on Python 2.6 and wxWidget (similar to dropbox). If you haven't notice it, google drive during startup extract itself into temporary folder (_MEI???) where python do its stuff.

How? well not too dissimilar from dropbox trick:

Download it first (I hate to download a downloader that claiming as installer, screw it!)
one of mirror:

Once it installed "silently" you will find it in %PROGRAMFILES%\Google\Drive
I believe that's what you get if you're administrator

Copy all files, make a folder [somewhere] and paste there

Copy following text into notepad:

MD "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming">nul
MD "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Application Data">nul
MD "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data">nul
MD "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data">nul
MD "%USERPROFILE%\My Documents">nul
MD "%USERPROFILE%\Documents">nul
START googledrivesync

Save above as "gdloader.bat" (you may change "Tukul" to anything else, just be descriptive) in [somewhere]
Run gdloader.bat,  You know what to do next!

make another copies if you want another Google Drive (be sure name different %USERNAME%)

- Apparently when google do shell registration (shortly after finishing folder setup), Google Drive will nuke current account like crazy (at least in my XP) but that's okay, no worries
- As usual only one account that get file markings (checked icon etc...)
- Tested in XP go try yourself on other Windows!

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  1. this method doesn't work on windows 8. it necessary to add a variable ambient to start multiple instance of google drive but at the ending of synch all instance of google crash: