29 September 2011

URL leeching with turboupload.com

I have use it for about 2 weeks now, and found it very useful for me (men with 128Kbps). First, it is (as this writing) the only one that offer free 999MB (yeah) of space and bandwidth/day (free registration needed for url leeching).

- While its autogenerated link is tied to your IP and limited for 8 hours, it does a *resumable link*. Meaning you could use curl or wget or other download manager to continue download with the a renewed link.
- Fast leeching! I don't know what most people say about 500KB/s in average but I'd say that's fast!
- Your account isn't tied to IP or any kind of that mechanism. Meaning you can operate multiple turboupload accounts from each browser you have simultaneously.

- No executables allowed. Hmm.. actually that could be a showstopper :(

- You need to download a (supposedly big) tar snapshot from a git server like gitorious or github (aka non resumable download)
- Says it's about time for you to inquire some stuff from slow underground ftp sites you found at proisk.ru
- Your connection can't keep with the hourly changing file update like MSSE

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