25 September 2011

Portable IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Fixpack3

Update 26 May 2012:
- now if somehow symphony stopped working (not started), deleting 'IBM' folder will reset settings
- revert to use soffice.bin since some featured hardcoded to this, thus do not run openoffice with symphony
- in 64-bit windows symphony didn't quit cleanly, fixed
- workaround for path with spaces 

Update 12 May 2012:

Apparently IBM has discontinued Lotus Symphony, what a shame :( (last version is 3.0.1)  so I decided to update this:
Portable Lotus Symphony 3.0.1 fixpack 1 All languages 194 MB or
Launcher only (to run pre-installed symphony 3.0.1 unmodified in portable mode) 678KB

- Although this was less than half smaller of original installer (570MB), it is really full version :)
- All jars and zips were unpacked so you may experience slightly better responsiveness
- Startup (as older version) also has been tweaked, it should be significantly faster than the original, especially after first run

- Although IBM has offered Symphony to Apache OpenOffice as open source, do note that this download remain illegal except the launcher download

A continuation of my guide here, I made small launcher (basically a 7-zip SFX) to make Lotus Symphony a little more portable. This is based on version 3 with fixpack 3, the SFX installer will extract to PortableSymphony3 folder from there run launcher.exe (symphony.exe.bak - the original launcher- has been renamed as I don't use it).

Unlike the original Symphony this one will kill soffice.bin (file has been renamed to prevent conflict) after exit to make it usable in removable drive. One caveat: don't run multiple instance of it... but that shouldn't be an issue as it was a multitabbed office anyway.

If you wish you could manually extract it with 7-zip

Portable Lotus Symphony 3 125 MB
md5: 8c85538e10d804136e4d394f6b8a93cb


  1. nice, permit for downloading (party)(happy)

  2. For some reason, it doesn't work from USB (Launcher.exe - Cannot create folder '.'. Access is denied.) :(

  3. Did you place it in the the root of your flashdrive? You need to keep Launcher.exe inside a folder (PortableSymphony3 for example), sorry for the hassle, I guess that's two caveat then :(

  4. Launcher is in: root/PRG/Symphony/

    There are many portable freewares inside PRG folder and they are all working fine. For some odd reason, Symphony gives error message - run as admin or normal, always the same.

  5. I'm not sure what happened, but I can't reproduce the error message unless I put it in root.

  6. Anyway, the launcher basically run soffice.bat and then symphony.bat. If both files don't exist they will be recreated and launched.

  7. This is odd. I'v just downloaded it again, and this time double clicked on a file (not extract with IZArc like I did before). Run Launcher from extracted folder - It works. Transferred whole dir to USB, killed all processes in task manager, run Launcher again - It works! :) Hope this helps for troubleshooting! One more thing: Symphony works noticeable FASTER then a portable OpenOffice3 from USB.

  8. @udeystar
    Cah semarang tho? Salam brot! Aku yo wong semarang

  9. Thanks a lot for this great job ! May I ask you if you can do the same work with the french files of Lotus Symphony ? I cannot find a portable french version of LOTUS on the web.
    Thanks again.

  10. Ok, it's perfect, I follow your tutorial and I built my own Lotus portable in french. Thanks !

  11. I detected what I think it is a problem; once a .doc or .xls or .ppt documents are connected with symphony, when I dounle click in documents like these symphony gives an error saying it can not open a folder '.'


  12. Do you mean file association?
    Symphony has weird file association method need filepath to be converted into binary decimal form. So it's not supported...

  13. Self extracting EXE do not work. I get the same error message as mentioned in another post. But unpacking from WinRAR does the job.

  14. Hmm doesn't like spaces in folder names either. So I removed them from residing folders.
    Now it works.
    Still have an issue with sidebar on the right (e.g "Properties"): Items are overlapping. Anyway I was never fond of sidebars and related garbage(:read Microcrap Ribbons), and since I can use the window with all options, I can do without them.

  15. Downloads are down. Any Chance for reupload?