22 March 2011

Some Unicode Fonts for Windows XP

My reference here is displaying wikipedia in near perfect. http://www.wikipedia.org
Font preference is based on license: SIL OFL, LGPL, GPL with font exception, other free to use and distribute license and the last: plain GPL.

For Windows XP SP3
wangdi (Tibetan) made by Bhutan government under free to distribute and use like license
phetsarath (Laos) LGPL
utkal (Oriya, India) GPL
khmer busra (Cambodia) SIL OFL
padauk (Myanmar) SIL OFL
LKLUG (Sinhala, Srilanka-India) GPL
abyssinica (Ethiopia) SIL OFL
MPH 2B Damase (various languages) Public Domain
oskiwest, oskieast (native americans) GPL


- AFAIK Windows 7 users only need MPH 2B Damase and padauk
- plain GPL means: font embedding = GPL infection

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