19 March 2011

The Bullshit of Mega Tsunami Documentary

Hard Evidence vs Marketing Mumbo Jumbo
So the movie made by western and the research "presumably" took place only at Mediterranean sea (in oddly prehistoric timeline). The claim (computer generated prediction) is brave too!

I just watch it by now, a post 2004 Aceh tsunami documentary movie production to remind the recently Japan tsunami. The first time I heard the words "prehistoric mega-tsunami happened in Mediterranean sea" is like RETARDED. Of course it doesn't *sounds* nicer if they say ahem Pacific right? I meant who's the audience anyway. This similar to err the super volcano from US documentary instead of the more scientifically provable Toba super volcano. Then I think, so what cause that mega tsunami? wait there is no significant moving seabed there! so if it's not tectonic then volcanic? (still on my mind) of.... ETNA?!

Guess what next they mention it!
Etna generate mega tsunami that possibly sweep up to middle east!
As Indonesian I know a story (a written FACT actually) about mount krakatau which DID generate *local* tsunami to very nearby islands. I don't need to remind anyone how disastrous the eruption is so just pay attention to the word "local". It happened because sunda strait (where krakatau sit in the middle) is shallow and narrow so when large fallen material (practically the whole mountain) went to sea, the impact is more greater and quicker, but the large and deep mediterranean sea? Why don't they just say Mauna Kea in hawaii exploded and cause super-tsunami to the whole pacific ring of fire and rendered "the missing" oceanean continent into oceania debris of islands! Now that's should be more marvelous and marketable!

IMO the biggest possible tsunami is obviously from pacific tectonic plate. If documentary movie maker want to make awareness to the world (especially the potential victims) then start tell your supercomputers to collect data of ring of fire FUCKTARDS!. I'm really pissed off with that trash! my country Indonesia also a victim you know! yes a third-world country victim you ignorant assholes!

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