16 August 2010

Why people don't like KDE?

Does Ubuntu (Gnome) really that good? Till most Gnu/Linux distro use Gnome?
Yeah it's lightweight desktop but so does fluxbox (even more). Today I try OpenSUSE 11.2 KDE4 Edition and I find it much cooler than Windows 7 Aero or more like a mix between OSX and 7. IMO that's the most sane and intuitive desktop I've ever seen in Gnu/Linux platform. Why KDE has less userbase? QT 4.x is certainly better than GTK in many case... But why such beautiful desktop is considered inferior? Amusing, I don't get it...

Just wondering


  1. Yeah I alo don't get it. When I started using Linux all most people suggested me to use Ubuntu with GNOME. But now after a year of using them I finally decided to try KDE 4.5. And boy was I surprised. KDE is better than GNOME in every aspect. KDE has much better programs, it has more features looks a lot better and has more options to configure it. I think it is the only desktop on Linux than can even compete with Windows and Mac OS. In many ways it is even more advanced. So I think if Linux wants to get more people using Linux they should promote KDE not GNOME, which is quite old compared to all modern desktops. My theory why GNOME is being pushed more is that Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu has a rich daddy (Mark Shuttleworth) and he spends a lot of money on propaganda and this shows in people thinking along the lines of this propaganda. Anyways, I'm glad that I tried KDE and don't even want to go back to GNOME anymore.

  2. I didn't knew about Mark S. before, but as long as Canonical serve as PR company that's great for linux in overall. But they need to get whipped for the discrimination. They should give Kubuntu a fair role as Ubuntu.