07 August 2010

How to retrieve locked temporary flash video

I just watch GRASS: The History Of Marijuana at youtube and as usual I simply left it to complete then take the result from firefox's cache folder. But it's not there anymore because my cache setting was far below the video size so I need to repeat the loading process which is so much waste of time. I though that maybe an application that able to directly access harddrive (bypassing windows) may get locked file (those fla*.tmp file under user's temporary folder). I quickly searh some installed freeware on my starmenu and only find Recuva as a candidate to do this, despite inappropriate tool Recuva does the job perfectly nonetheless, here is the screenshot:

recuva settings


First you need to put filemask like fla*.tmp in the search input, press scan, wait for a while (depends on harddrive size) and select the file and recover. That's how to get locked files in Windows. edit: Umm you can unlock with Unlocker :-/ but my point here is "tools that have direct access to harddrive" will show you everything underneath. edit once again: unlocker can't unlock it! shit! now I lose my file forever! What a crap! I can just killing the right process too with Process Explorer if that what Unlocker do.. Crap! I'm pissed off I'm really on slow connection here not work

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