16 June 2010

XP re-dead on upcoming October

Funny.. How many times Microsoft restate this?
Certainly an OS that living (and thriving) for a decade isn't a bullshit at all. I have done it over and over again to prove what 7even's could be better than XP's yet I always stuck with "The future is 7". It's like a headshot

But who cares? people behind opensource software always care about compatibility (and a virtue too) it's a discipline that must be adhered by programmers. Some major OSS even still consider Win98 to support! so XP's time should be extended faraway after it's end of line.

In fact I just finishing unattended XP CD (still reviewing in VM), An installation of XP with all latest updates after SP3, All drivers, All favorite OSS and freeware, All of my settings and preferences totaling 10GB stuff (after install) was completed in one step (that is inserting CD and choose partition) uh ok that's two step lasting in a mere 45minutes. Ah how the fuck I do that in 7even? Impossible... And people like me will always yearning for "Power of Administrator" that differentiate XP from 7, XP from Mac OS X and XP from Linux.

Does Linux anti crash? No, I can recall 7 years ago when I digging up a SuSe system configuration as root I was rebooted  for a total OS kamikaze, and after unsuccesful login I rebooted the system for a total harddisk suicide when an error in LILO ruin the MBR. Yes I'm a stupid root that time.. no doubt. But I'm probably learn my mistake later right? and it's a PC afterall...

In Win7 the system isolate the user by providing a seatbelt with minimal yet confusing button and a sweaty leather but in XP I make my own safetybelt with custom button and confortable leather as I gaining experience. It takes time but all is not lost when one day I transfer everything into an Unattended XP CD or should be a DVD today. And in a snap I got my safetybelt back plus a working ferrari ready to ride :) with me driving the car not by another driver. Yeah that's how I describe it, a system that flawed, insecure but a huge success if you know how to deal with the responsibily of given power. Smells like C cause XP isn't that complex compared to Linux and seriously sometime we need no complexity.

When I satisfied with the setup I will  start a legacy XP champaign by sharing many of my unattended installer specific for XP like a full powered Winamp 2.95 for example. And of course many OSS stuff.

note: XP means XP-32bit  just throw away that XP64 joke. Oh this post is a repeated rant


  1. Windows 7 supports unattend installs of course, you just need to download "The Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows® 7" to prepare your WIM (compressed filesystem)

    Once you have installed 7 you can go into Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and then pick "Change User Account Control settings" at the bottom and then drag the slider down to "Never notify" then using your PC is just like using Windows XP, no more notifications & no more "seat belt" as you complain

  2. Oops I was living under rocks that time. thanks for the head-up anyway

    but WAIK/WIM is exactly what I don't want. Why the heck I should re-image everytime I update the DVD? And does that solve the installation of software that record hardware id to runs . Which means it must installed not imaged. Or does it solve injection of HKCUs from external reg file (so I can update them with ease)?