24 June 2010

Unleash Winamp 2.x Power

When someone suggest me to use foobar, my reason basically (untill now) still the same: It doesn't bear a music player! IMO it's like WinSCP that able to play music... cluttered, complicated not like a jukebox. If it's not about player I will say "I want the most complicated software, I'll mastered it after a while" but no please not a player.

Since 1999, I always use Winamp for music only while I keep changing video player till I found MPlayer. Being a diehard XP user, Winamp 2.9 which dated back in 2003 was satisfied me. So does playing music need big resources? It just a matter of decoder and the rest is UI.

Pretty cool for 7 year old player!

Today I want to share my fully loaded Winamp 2.9 silent installer.

What special about this installer:
- Winamp based on 2.95RC except the disputed in_mp3.dll file has been replaced by 2.91 version.
- MilkDrop 1.04 preconfigured (add 5% CPU usage of my E2160)
- edcast3 : a transcoder for icecast and SHOUTCast with ogg vorbis, mp3, flac and aac support
- VST Host : bring Winamp with unlimited possibilites of Sound FX. preconfigured using EffectChainer
- MuchFX2 : Multi DSP rack
- Enchancer : Light yet decent SFX (default DSP)
- Line-in : use input from your soundcard with winamp as amplifier
- Tara : plugin to support Real format, bundled with RealAudio 8 (audio decoder only)
- iTunes : plugin to play protected aac (mp4) files, need iTunes
- Other decoders:  mp3pro, aac, vqf, mp4a, als, flac, ogg vorbis, speex, musepack, monkey APE, FLAC, optimFROG, wavpack, AC3, DTS, vtx and WMA
- ASIO : low latency audio system, need special driver or use free ASIO4All
- KS : Kernel Streaming (skip windows audio system)
- Null : Mute output, useful for broadcasting
- Crossfading : also useful for broadcasting
- AAC : convert output to aac file based on libfaac
- FileWriter : convert output to FLAC, APE, OggVorbis (AoTuV) or MP3 (Lame)
- WMA : convert output to WMA
- KB5 : convert stereo to Dolby
General Purpose:
- DIMIN Hotkey: assign any key for global hotkey, useful if you dont have multimedia keyboard
- YMStatus
- Time Restore and Autoplay: make winamp resume playback after restart. disabled by default
- Alarm
- Advanced Control: preconfigured to display winamp mini control on systray
Twelve complete skins :)
- IceCast Server 2.3 : Turn winamp into Internet Radio Broadcast
- SHOUTCast Server 1.9.8 : Similar to icecast, more limited feature but much popular
- Acon EffectChainer : Free excellent VST and DX Chainer, preconfigured for using FreeVerb
- FreeVerb : Opensource set of Multithreaded VST SFX that sonically much powerful than Enhancer. To use it, choose VST Host as your DSP or can be chained in MuchFX2 (chaining chainer), note that any use of VST is CPU intensive (add 5% usage of my E2160 processor)

Winamp 2.9 Silent installer (10 MB)
this is silent install just wait for a few second then check in startmenu if it already installed, need XP and administrator account. Won't work on Vista/7!
realaudio 8 codec is bundled as illegal as realalternative did, cause surprisingly it ruled to be not redistributable.

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  1. Hey man!, Link's long dead... Can you give me old version of Time Restore and Autoplay that works with Winamp2x?
    Winamp will never die