18 April 2010

A Brief Test of GTK+ 2.20 for Windows

After bitter experience with 2.18, I check out gtk+ 2.20 which is just newly released. I really hope it fixed some apparent issue in 2.19 (I start to felt windows platform seems a bit neglected for some time).

Nah, from its changelog I have come to realize that this will be the same as 2.19! It is. Once I build it, I do quick test on MyPaint and GIMP. Here is some "highlights"

1.Native theme (wimp) still not working, though you could still use libwimp.dll from 2.16 if you want (will get screen corruption)
2. Peculiar interface behaviour still occured. For example, once you exploring sebmenu item (in menubar), the exposed submenu wont be disposed untill you click again from the parent menu. It used to disappear whenever you click on other window, click on titlebar or if you wish to quit the program or if you click anywhere outside the submenu infact.

3. Tablet with pressure-sensitive not working, crashed or act erratically but seems only affect drawing apps. Selection, blocking text and other non-drawing are normal.
4. Gdiplus still not working

Hopefully forthcoming GTK 3.0 won't be disappointing.

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  1. also i noted that in gtk 2.20 ( more precisely 2.18 > ), drag and drop within treeviews are not working at all on win32.
    there is a ticket on bugzilla, but still with no comments.. ill try to find it again.