11 January 2010

Clutter, a robust animation libraries

After given review to Chrome OS, I read more that Google use clutter in some of its window manager part. Generally google always carefully choose open source component in their projects, I guess clutter is no exception. Previously, I just heard a bit about clutter from cairo website so why don't give it a try! I'm so pleased by the demos, the script is clean and the animation is smooth and sleek. Clutter and PyClutter is like GTKGLExt and PyGtkGlExt, but more general purpose (I think) with expanded animation capabilities (no wonder goggle choose it). It could use cairo too in some operation.

Overall, Clutter is one of the best OpenGL framework with python binding (the other is PyGame2) that do more than most available libraries. With good documentation this should appealing for many developer, though few project that seems use them. I wonder where do clutter implemented outside Chrome OS, from goggle I just get moblin (mobile linux) that sounds popular. Given me impression that Clutter will be more spread in embedded platform (using OpenGLES).

Visit Clutter Site

Binaries updated here

Windows binary and python build:
clutter-1.3.6 unstable_runtime_dlls if broken, use 1.2.6 below


old devel packages:


Glib 2.24
GTK 2.16 partially needed
OpenGL accelerated VGA card.
Be sure up-to-date with vendor driver, there is no software (cpu mode) fallback so if you see blank screen in the demo your vga might lacking some feature. Though it can be disabled with specific env. variable


  1. hey, thanks for your binaries!
    I love it, if people like you creates win32-binaries! GOOD WORK!

    But I'm a C++ programmer and I'm working with 'cluttermm', and just want to compile my clutter-app on windows. Could you be nice and compile for me (and maybe for other people) cluttermm-binaries? (if there is a 32bit and 64bit choice, compile both).

    Thanks again! Good job!

  2. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2554170/cluttermm-

    I think you should check OpenSuSe and Fedora cross-compile project, they might eventually provide cluttermm in both 32-bit and 64-bit

    anyway that devel packages was mingw32 build... just in case :D


  3. oh man, you did it really :O
    Thanks TumaGonx!

    Nice Guy!! :)