10 January 2010

Chrome OS vs Windows ?

Last time I read a computer magazine (I rarely read them), most headline was musing around chrome os. What the heck? All I know about chrome is it's a chromium based browser, and if there is an OS born , it must be web/browser based. Yet the buzz is louder than before, that keep me thinking if Chrome OS was really a brand-new OS. Man thats blazing fast! if that's true

After read here, OK I'm wrong but still IMO it looks less than what Apple have done with their first Mac OS X. The difference is that OSX use (more secure) FreeBSD while Chrome OS use Linux. Oh and Apple still do lot more work on GUI. But of course, Chrome OS could make better Window Manager than currently Linux has.

OpenSource matter
Fine. Count me on it, but more or less could we get only the window manager and newly-ported chromium browser as paskage? and install it on dozen of different Linux distro that optimized for speed and older hardware? Now is that the buzz of the new OS?

Comparing it with Windows
Cloud computing is a different story than desktop computing (Yes, It's still alive, kicking and unreplaceable in many case) and I'm sure M$ or other browser/desktop apps vendor has their own answer for cloud. But replacing Windows with Chrome OS is major buzz that hyperventilating. No no, again the answer is not came from Google but from heavy desktop apps vendor like Adobe, Autodesk etc. Unless Google make SketchUp for Linux (have they even do their own homework? Jeez), Autodesk port Max & AutoCAD, Adobe take more serious on Flex and so on, IMO it's an ignorant buzz. It just similar to Linux++ vs Windows

Yeah, thats my point of view as heavy desktop-computing user.
Afterall broadband connection isn't happy with 3rd world, even my gmail get choked frequently on ajax mode.

I'm still see Open Source VS Proprietary in desktop apps as bigger influence to the whole world rather than this loud buzz.
But still, I love chromium browser as I love k-meleon very much :)

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