06 February 2013

How to get recent usp10.dll for your aging XP

According to wikipedia article about Uniscribe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uniscribe you can get (as this written) the latest usp10.dll from Office 2010 (the last Office to support XP) and slightly updated version 1.626.7600.20796 from its SP1, but you could get it in easier way:

- Download full installer of PowerPoint Viewer and install it  ( see comment below )
- or download the smaller PowerPoint Viewer 2010 SP1 then open powerpointviewer2010sp1-kb2460050-x86-fullfile-en-us.exe with 7-zip -> double click ppviewersp1-en-us.msp -> double click PATCH_CAB -> extract USP10.DLL_0002 and rename to usp10.dll. Install the file manually, now that's tricky


  1. I came here hoping to find a way to use an AviDemux version higher than 2.6.7 under my Win XP OS; such as 2.6.12 (latest available for 32-bit OSs). Followed the instructions (used 7-zip to extract USP10.DLL), and:
    IT FINALLY WORKS! BUT ONLY AFTER FIGHTING the Win OS's file protection system! I first made a back-up copy of it as: "USP10.DLL.OLD" then copied it to the DLL CACHE folder (you must overwrite it there first!) and then to the System32 folder. It popped-up a warning that I was using an unknown version! I choose to do so. Then I could FINALLY run AviDemux 2.6.12.

    1. That needs more dumbing down for me.
      When you say, "I first made a back-up copy of it as: "USP10.DLL.OLD"", Are you talking about the updated file or the old, existing one?

      Also, can you be more specific about the transition from the DLL Cache folder back to the System32 folder.

  2. You would think that having Microsoft Office 2010 (32-bit) installed would take care of this, but it doesn't, because Office puts the file USP10.DLL in an Office folder; not in the normal folder for other DLLs! So if you have Office 2010 installed, just grab the file from there. It's really sad that the programmers of AviDemux couldn't have done the same thing the Office 2010 programmers did! Or at least told us where we could put such a file, so we wouldn't have to deal with the File Protection tool.

    1. Hey thanks for sharing your experience and pointing out about install location issue. I did install it manually that's why I said tricky :). I think avidemux can't bundle the file because it wasn't redistributable runtime although Office Viewer is freely available. Yet MS doesn't care to deliver it via Windows Update, as it basically a backport.

    2. When you say, "...rename to usp10.dll. Install the file manually"

      Install manually means to register in in the "Run" dialog box.

      I got an error about it registered but "no point of entry", blah blah, blah.

      Also, do you understand the process that the March 31st poster used, and can you explain it?

  3. @unknown: It doesn't need to be registered, it is just a regular dll.
    If you don't need to install to system, how about copying into avidemux folder? it should works too (overriding system dll)