16 February 2013

GTK 3.6.4 DevPack

This is actually just a re-post of PyGI AIO (see main page). Since building PyGI consequently need to build the whole things and that because PyGI have poor documentation (actually it means to be that way, so you're forced to read C documentation instead), so I build the important part of this, devhelp. Which make your life way easier (it's a kind of CHM in concept), then gedit (not my choice of editor though), then for po translation we need gtranslator too and of course glade! Yeah most are not available for Windows yet but now you could try it

There we go, a complete suite guys! BUT this of course really is PyGI oriented. a.k.a all runtime has been linked to msvcr90.dll using my mingw toolchain (special). Basically it will potentially crashed when mixed with generic dll (linked to msvcrt.dll) so you've been warned!, however it you use complete GTK c runtime package from OpenSuSe or Fedora it should work fine.

As usual this build, I think is the most feature complete yet smallest available on the net (OK that's a brave claim ha ha), no really it's (just as all of my build here, is extremely complete one). Ok maybe not smallest as possible cause I use dwarf2 gcc which have redundant debug sections than sjlj.

As you know GTK-3 is still not production ready (I even found 3.6 to be worse than 3.4 in some case). This however should not prevent you to give it a try :)

GI for windows itself is credit to Dieter Verfaillie for his yet uncommitted patch (more than a year ago) which still relevant today, although GIR generation remain unreliable and messy process under Windows. Also thanks to Helge too for pointing many issues.

http://code.google.com/p/osspack32/downloads/list (look for pygi-aio-3.4.2)

Overtime you will (i'm sure you will) encounter binding errors and stuff. You could fix it without having recompile everything. Just edit (say use gedit) the gir file (located in share\gir-1.0) save the edited gir alongside g-ir-compiler and invoke: "g-ir-compiler -o [binding-name].typelib [binding-name].gir" then copy the typelib into site-packages\gtk\lib\girepository-1.0 and overwrite. As a hint you could grab linux gir version and compare the error part.

I also have static build vala 0.18 to join the party though I don't remember anymore why I did that build:

Oh yeah I'm getting nearer to release the next Tuma MinGW, it should be the biggest toolchain available too.

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  1. It works with my really complex app but i have always a freeze when i try to resize or move windows. webkit crashes but the old one its almost fine. Thanks