Other Builds

I try to regroup my old builds in one page, unlike other builds in the main menu these binaries may not updated regularly for various different reason. For details and comments please visit its respective page

Mypaint (original post)
note: although I also made the offical mypaint for windows, these builds are unofficial!
mypaint-git-111109-portnov.7z "from old 0.7.x version but quite distinctive from current build"
mypaint_0.8.2anim.7z "animation but not x-sheet branch, a user ask me via email but I don't personally use it"
mypaint-0.9.1P.7z "my last modded mypaint portable, version 1.0.x is planned but as part of GTKGraphics" Very old mypaint for historical purpose (need pre-installed python 2.6 and pygtk):

Makedict 0.4, multiformat dictionaries converter (original post)
makedict.exe "although I just use it once, ironically this is one of most downloaded file here"

Wget 1.3.4, I'm using it as part of Tuma MinGW now (original post)
"the most downloaded file ever here, the original post was quite a fluke, messy and even contain insult. Sorry, nonetheless this is all features enabled build of wget"

GTKGraphics Suite 1.0, although 2 years dated, rest assured that this is NOT your ordinary gimp/inkscape build! (original post)
"I put a lot of works on this but sadly it's one of the overlooked build. This is also the only *properly* portable GIMP with PyGIMP & Inkscape you'll ever found on the net even until now. It's well tested and I used it regularly to date"

Also visit download page that hosted in googlecode