28 August 2022

Age of Mythology Extended Edition in Windows XP

Five years ago I made xompie (which is nothing original) and one of its part is wined3d, but sadly because of my Intel HD has crappy OpenGL driver, wined3d never really works for me.

Now replacing my old ivybridge mobo with another ivybridge (optiplex 7010) mobo with 16GB and nvidia GT 730, I could run AOM EE with wined3d.

aom ee run in xp

basically just need d3d11.dll, wined3d.dll, dxgi.dll and gdixp.dll dropped in the game directory, but the developer add OS version check in aomx.exe which I think could be solved with MS Application Verifier that lies about windows version, or else using IDA I found the game filter out OS that older than NT 6.0 (Vista need SP2 for DirectX 11), patch can be peformed using hex editor at offset 1618813 by changing 06 into 05 (the version major) now it will filtered out anything older than Windows 2000. Also aomx.exe has PE subsystem version of  6.0 so we need to fix that to 5.0 as well.

Additionally it appears that cursor initial coord by wined3d is wrong, therefor mouse has offset. This only happen in fullscreen mode. To fix it we could create override config file in .\startup\user.cfg and put these lines:

xres 1280
yres 720

That's it. well I'm not really a gamer but if there is a game that I play a lot in the past that would be Age of Mythology.

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