12 March 2022

Big World Map template for free

I made big Cahill-Keyes projection template map here:
https://archive.org/details/bmng_1px2500m_worldmap (10MB, 16000x6277 RGBA webp)
rev1 https://archive.org/details/bmng-ck-16k-1px2700m (15MB, 16000x7524 RGBA webp / RGB jpg)
rev2 https://archive.org/details/megamap (58MB Megamap, 68MB Wegamap Jpeg only, PNG is too big)

It may not be suitable for printing at all considering how dark it is, though the original BMNG was even darker but hey thats how our earth looks like. It is intended to be the biggest relatively proportional (globe-like) map viewable by 32-bit image viewer on computer :) and you can start ask yourself where is ukraine?

Anyone could use it as background and start laid textual information over it, and then export it to pdf. The free MS expression design can do that nicely, but the image need to be converted to png first.

Big thanks to https://github.com/jkunimune15/Map-Projections for providing CK map generator! back then it was tedious process to generate one using perl script.


First revision released:
- typo of scale, 21600/16000 * 2000 = 2700 duh
- add antarctica bedrock map at 0m (sea level) in grey shade
- make population shade more visible
- fix bathy error due to blending mode
- add land attachment for Antarctica Greenland, Russia, Iceland, Solomon and Kerguelen per keyes' megamap spec but not for closely separated land

Second revision released:
- target 1px=1000000 hence "mega"-map now, sadly it getting harder to open the file on 32-bit Windows.
- redo relief bump and shadow with more exaggerated downsampled 15-arcsecond SRTM dataset
- use SEDAC 2020 30 arc-second dataset for population density
- added river "hint" in glowing green
- redo more accurate sealevel bedrock map of antarctica (it may not bigger than australia)

Tools used:
gdal, paintdotnet (and many of plugins), expression design and vips.

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