19 December 2021

32-bit OSes for Virtual PC

After being not bootable for long time, finally ReactOS 0.4.14 is run on Virtual PC 2007 again! This opensource NT5 remake project are closely related to wine and mingw which quite helpful to enhance XP. 

ReactOS 0.4.14

On other hand I'm checking out what's the greatest 32-bit mainstream Linux distro available for Virtual PC, MX Linux 21 (Linux 5.10 LTS) is one of few. This "lightweight" fluxbox variant shown running Firefox 93. Booting took some minutes though.

MX Linux 21

I've kept some historical 32-bit Linux distros iso that compatible with VPC as well:

RHEL 6.10, Oracle Linux 6.10, CentOS 6.10 (Gnome 2, LK 2.6): the last true "LTS" (~10 years) 32-bit Linux, which demonstrate how far kernel 2.6 can be tweaked and enhanced through backport.
Chakra 2012.07 (KDE4, LK 3.4): a rare 32-bit KDE4 SC distro, if not the only one.
Tails 3.11 (Gnome 3, LK 4.8): Privacy oriented distro, a rare Gnome 3 with systemd that able to boot into desktop after a little while.
Xubuntu 18.04.5 (XFCE4, LK5.4): generally regarded as the last 32-bit Ubuntu.

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