07 September 2013

Resuming Download from Depositfiles

Don't know if someone has wrote this before (cause it's so simple). This weekend I desperately need several downloads from one of major filesharing survivor DepositFiles. The files are big and my ISP is slow (worse with shared IP). Don't want to mess with eternal redownload or mess around with onion network, I'm looking for a way to resume the download (without their downloader of course).

I found at least two ways: First to use free URL uploader service which offer resumable download or secondly using wget (or whatever downloader with resume ability).

We will need to get Depositfiles' actual link to do it, as we know the url is in this kind of form http://fileshare*depositfiles* we can use source view or built-in browser inspector to get it. Of course we should never click the download button.

Free URL uploader is probably quite risky business, I have seen this kind service very hard to survive in the past. This time I found http://d-h.st/, the site seems clean and modest but not without problem. As expected, the download is very unstable, keep broken every 1 MB. Don't worry wget will deal with it. Interestingly registration appear to be optional. Just upload and the resumable download link will be provided.

The second way need tool to kill specific TCP connection ala task manager or taskkill, I'm not aware of the availability of the tools under Windows out of box but 3rd party tools such Sysinternals TCPView or ProcessHacker will do.

Essentially what happened is when wget issue resume command the server will get "stuck" but only initially, this is when we need to close wget tcp connection. FYI, closing tcp connection is treated as disconnection from the server so wget will do retry instead of giving up. Upon retrying the "stuck" is "unlocked" and download become resumable.


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  1. Hi, how can i get the good link for deposit files??