06 July 2013

Preparing version 0.8

I knew it will be more belated than previous version, this is getting bigger... Tuma MinGW 0.8 will focus on integration fixes and aim to become more established collection. On gcc side there is very little changes and will be the last with 4.7.x series (barebone 4.8.1 is provided though), originally I want to bundle static gtk libraries, but decided that's not worthy enough (I will put it up separately).

This version will have serious GUI apps addition and I have evaluate dozens of FOSS each weekend to find apps that lean and fast (avoiding .net/java whenever possible). But they're just alternative workflow from commandline counterpart which has considerable advatage. I still not quite done with cleanup so I dumped those in extratool package.

Oh yeah I want to drop the name, I think it's not a problem since it's not popular at all anyway. Candidates: celebes, moluccas or rangrang (the last is meaningful cause I love ants, they are the oldest architect)

I hope could finish it on sunday tomorrow.

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