13 March 2013

Uploaded finally...

At last after more than 24 hours, rsync does its job flawlessly, I wonder why googlecode don't have this feature. Finally three months of uncertainty have put my MinGW distro into version 0.7, tons of stuff are there and all of them 100% OSS, portable and mostly build as standalone exe. This is largest package I have ever made! phew...

I hope everything works out of box! Being thinking about its suitable usage: "A mini distro for flash drive / external HDD aimed for advanced users" sort of PortableApps platform but Command Line oriented, yes a distro because it encompass many purposes beyond a complete build environment. It include browser, spreadsheet, notepad, image/video editor, etc.

All of my experience with MinGW and my exploration of OSS to date is reflected in this download, also all that not covered by this blog and even many stuff that not yet uploaded at http://code.google.com/p/osspack32/ all should contained here:


Some of larger documentation such those in chm/info format will follow, right now man is there to help.

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