25 August 2012

SVG viewer for Windows

I'm looking for a simple svg viewer for which can be invoked from command line and found some candidates:

- SVG Viewer from QT 4.8.2's example (3 MB)
- SVG test from AGG 2.5's demo (178 KB)
- RSVG View from librsvg (2 MB, explicitly need file input, otherwise will silently quit)

It should be static(standalone) as usual, preferably small and must be fast. Both from RSVG and QT are quite capable and compliant (by far compared to AGG). There is a performance issue with QT though when SVG is fairly complex, where panning and zooming become very slow despite snappy once switched to OpenGL mode. RSVG didn't have this issue and load faster but since it use static build (an unsupported mode in Windows) of GTK-3.4.4 which still not stable for Windows, is unfortunately quite a crasher, also didn't resize its window automatically.

There is one more (better) candidate from Batik's Squiggle but probably too big when compiled and too GUI-ish for a simple viewer. Finally every "sane" modern browser also SVG viewer capable :-)


  1. other alternatives i've found:
    - Firefox :)
    - inkscape inkview
    - GIMP
    (irfanview and imagemagick renders are bad)

  2. Hey, none of the URLs are active. Can you please upload to another location?

    1. https://code.google.com/archive/p/osspack32/downloads