18 May 2012

Will be missed! Casey Stoner the fastest motoracer of modern time

If you ever wondering why politician scumbags keep getting votes, you know how foolish the world is. When honest people are to be denied and the tricksters win. This is totally off-topic post, but damn I've been watching GP since I was 6 and still stunned until now. Even the only game that I still occasionally play is MotoGP.

Casey Stoner, how should I put it: to be the victim of ignorance, stupidity and fanaticism because he always ride the bike 110% like no others. Yes, he riding skill is on a different level, and no it is not just me who saying this, there are several MotoGP riders who agree with that.

An honest personality always have ton of foes including in MotoGP, just because you tell truth doesn't meant people/media will trust/agree with you. In most case fanaticism prevent delusional person to be realistic and logical in their judgment. This is where Stoner is special (at least to me), he is very underrated by the crowd (even by top managements in the show) yet he still winning when most crowd keep (by all means) to ridicule him. Even Stoner paid lower than other champions.

Personally I'd briefly put some blame at the half brained #46 yellow brigades whom responsible for most of incorrect mockery. Yes, they are half brained because the logical part has been stolen by extreme fanaticism. Casey is no way a celebrity minded person with full of tricks, this partly explained why he never gained huge supporters. Hell, even local MotoGP commentator here is inclined not to give the credit appropriately.

Well, whatever... I actually think that if he keep winning more championships people will eventually gain some sanity. But that retirement is your decision mate, after all you're now a family men too. Best wish for your family and your future (where you'll hopefully gained proper respect)! You'll be missed more than you'll ever think :-)

Very sad day, Casey is about the same age as me, guess in 2013 I will support Lorenzo then (the factually next best).

Forgot to mention the interview: http://motomatters.com/interview/2012/05/17/casey_stoner_explains_his_decision_to_re.html
The interview has moral value of course :-) as usual honesty is rarity

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