30 November 2011

A call to MyPaint 64-bit users

Hi all,

This is my second attempt to port 64-bit MyPaint. There still a problem with either my tablet or 64-bit GTK that trigger startup crash (mypaint died when gdk load wintab32.dll)

Therefor I need your reports :-)
1. Whether pressure works or not, because no pressure = your tablet treated as mouse = no fun
2. Overall impression, how it compared to 32-bit version and such

Please mention your tablet name, thanks
download here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2554170/mypaint-1.0.0-win64.7z released : )


  1. Is there a 32-bit build of mypaint-1.0 available to compare to? (or are we comparing to 0.9.1)

  2. 32-bit official mypaint 1.0.0

    No not 0.9.1 that's a bit buggy

  3. (Found it... under mypaint download / kept missing it as I went from the 1.0 announcement straight to packaging status... whoops)

  4. Hey, I just downloaded and had a play. No startup crash, I have Wacom Intuos4 Wireless and Windows 7 64 bit. But there is no sensitivity levels. (mouse click instead).

  5. maybe this could help?

    try gimp 64bit too

  6. Just had a quick try. I guess I'm lucky, because everything works fine, even pressure sensitivity.

    I use an old Intuos 2 XD-0608-U using driver 2.2.0.

    Performance wasn't noticeably different from past versions, but I've only doodled for about 5 minutes.

  7. @kongorilla
    Great, so it's works and my tablet driver was to blamed. Time to release it then

  8. just gave it a whirl to see if it would solve my memory issues with large paintings that plagued me w/ mypaint 32-bit

    no error when attempting to load my monstrous 6000x8000 canvas. works beautifully so far, including pressure sensitivity.

    using wacom bamboo, driver version 5.2.5-5