25 October 2011

Windows 8 DP, too soon isn't it?

Woah I must be a stonehead living in a cave using XP playing freecell! Windows 8 developer review? its migration should be smooth though with competitor remain to be the dying XP (if it released before XP support ended) Oh does it drop 32-bit support too? wow I should change my blog title to survive...

The future is tablet pc, there is no point of making another resource-hog generation of Vista, they should make XP-like with NT 6 kernel! And make one same Windows for all devices (says 32bit for mobile and 64bit for desktop/server)

One funny thing, M$ has confusing versioning, they said 7 but actually NT 6.1 and 8 when it's NT 6.2 but they keep Server version with year version. However the build revision does relate a.k.a 7600 for 7 then  8x00 for 8 so they are analogue to Macintosh versioning where minor version update is a "new" mac (don't forget that 10 is mac major version).

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