12 August 2011

Oh no I'm the admin

It's complete BS if one said linux is much^2 secure than windows. I remember clearly when I use Linux as root it took only few hours to render it unworkable and later unbootable, it was 10 years ago when Linux at its infancy. Few years ago many "friendly" distro started to ban root account usage with the rising popularity of sudo practice.

Linux as desktop/workstation OS?

Root usage
Linux IT guy: man you do it the wrong way
Me: But Windows worked that way
Linux IT guy: Windows is flawed and ignorantly user friendly
Me: But most people are flawed and ignorant too
This explain why Linux adoption is slow for desktop, now that NT 6 is adopting the Linux way.. things getting harder for Linux to convince people.
Lesson? the one that ignorant is OS with no ignorant user (noob) awareness, Windows' system did give lot of safety measurement even for reckless administrator! need more? practice LUA (this rendered as UAC in NT 6) if you're still on NT 5 like me

Conscious users segment seek for more power and experience but not hassle (:cough:.. shell.. man.. I mean "man")
Me: Why on earth for most thing that can be intuitively done in GUI were still done in "DOS"? Why?
Linux IT guy: Rather than become a weenie, why don't you make one and show me teh code! This is open source! people get benefit by contribute! bla bla bla
Lesson? Naturally they are more than capable to make one, however they are less in intuition or not in the perimeter to sense the needs.
No offense here but I understand the rule in open source, just saying fact though. Windows on other side striving to give proper GUI to most of exposed features yet it may still backed up with command-line version if viable. Still many windows' users are too lazy to even clicking "Help and Support" button from the Startmenu. See? it's quite a hard job to handle noob users. No wonder Linux is unpopular.

BSOD and viral mantra
Viral is made to attack the largest mass and it will always that way
who have the largest mass? Windows
who have the most noob? Windows
who have the most viruses? Windows
But the real life fact is since I securing my browser with guest account I never have any attack! nada zero! so is this simple act equate the long explanation that Linux and BSD are code by code more secure than Windows? nah not for noob, not for me either. No thanks, I never use active AV now, just a good passivc MRT.
who have the most hardware support? Windows
please, it's the bad driver that cause BSOD and why later M$ enforce driver signing policy. So get it over!
For Linux it's not fair to compare, obviously open source driver isn't good business model for some hardware vendor. Even Canonical playing fire with open source principle to boost user acceptance.

Just because you're using Linux (oh sorry it's GNU/KDE/GTK/Xorg/Linux) it won't make you an instant expert in Windows! you might can when use OSX though or when you're exclusively using emulation layer of SFU, Cygwin, Uwin, MSYS and so on over Windows.
This kind of comparison is pointless as both use very different internals. What? you think there is chmod 0777 in Windows? You think there is etc\*.conf files too?
Get a life! Windows is dedicated for VERY broad user level (noob for most of them) and they did it very well.


Yet another myth for a few hundred $ OS with 13 years of free support!
What if I said that frustration (for whatever it cause) and bandwidth is the hidden cost in Linux?

Linux is good for..
Well spirited people.
If you understand what open source is, you will probably jump in will full determination. It even almost like a religion.

Legacy mainstream task

Mostly what to be considered as obsolete in Windows platform will eventually available in Linux and that will still run your business for good. When I browse Ubuntu's forum I found lot of newly converted users has little clue of what is professional computing work, many said they only use it to surf the internet and use office application, huh? a self confessed?

While browsers is in the same grade as Windows due to cross-platform nature Openoffice is not. This doesn't mean Office 2010 is the standard, most of job still can be done in older version including Openoffice. But what about the rest? DAW? 3D? NLE? most of artistic creative works are Windows' domain (followed Mac). Wait, Pixar use Linux dude! yeah for renderfarm, got it?

Put it simple, it's big business from big ignorant software companies who never have honest interest for open source "Hey you forgot Google? yeah the internet market leader!" What? Google's saint? I think we're just too naive. Google use it when it translate into business but the company is perfect example of cross platform nature nonetheless because internet = must be cross platform.

A simple example:
What is the most popular audio format? mp3 (stand for piracy?)
What is the best audio format? mp3 (some may mention LAME) followed by aac (iTunes)

For me it's technically ogg vorbis for most bitrates, AoTuV for low-bitrates and flac for lossless
The noob will respond: "hey I never heard that before"

Not really true if they ever play one of these games (that list even forgot that StarCraft II use vorbis too) okay they actually heard it before but had no clue.. why? cause the licensing didn't obligate those company to mention it.
Good thing that at least ogg vorbis is favored by HTML 5 standard, but even in the music industry people still use various big ol PCM format instead of flac (again an OSS marvel) which now threatened by newly introduced lossless aac. Silly? Ironic? Not really, that's how business work: promotion with big ignorance from big company.
Will good guy win at last? So far, no. But I hope it will...

Last linux notes:
Linux will always predominant in server area (where client don't need to know) and any tech work which output doesn't require more than just plain-text files.
Linux still face many inner war with licensing issues, one of them is when Apple playing psych-war using LLVM against GCC while both still under OSS umbrella. Brilliant!
My advice for Linux? support KDE more, hail them as the proper desktop interface and endorse QT too.

Be good with your choice of OS, you know it best and remember that everyone is once a noob

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