02 December 2010

An optimistic dmraid?

It's great when ubuntu lucid detected my fakeraid several months ago though I have slight suspect it was also broke my one of array disk later. Now for stupid reason I need to move my ubuntu from dedicated OSes disk into one of my storage disks (now non-RAID). Surprise! it can't find root partition... The RAID is gone (from BIOS) but finally after googling a while there is a metadata that written in array disk that need to be cleared.

OK so how I able to type dmraid if I got no accessible Ubuntu? Tell me if I can use Ubuntu rescue mode... but I already use OpenRC liveCD instead. And here is how:

dmraid -r
--> this should show where raid metadata written in the affected disks
dmraid -r /dev/sda -E
--> this should strip metadata on each disks mentioned before

you need sudo if not root already

At first I was scare to enter those commands as I've no backup supply at the moment (what if it erase my partition table / bootloader?) but hey it works! it's totally safe :)

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