11 November 2010

Portable GTK theme selector

I modify the old gtk2_prefs.exe (GTK theme selector) to only able to modify host application's gtk (a.k.a per apps setting), for example if you put this on inkscape installation you can only modify theme for inkscape and wont affect other (e.g Gimp). This is great for portable apps? or admin user who have privilege over %programfiles%.

The original version defaulted to current user setting which effectively render all GTK based apps you're installed to obey it. If you already apply this setting you must delete %USERPROFILE%\.gtkrc-2.0 (note: this is a file not folder).

gtk2_prefs.exe  (place this along side main executable e.g gimp.exe, inkscape.exe, mypaint.exe)
Refer to this post to add some themes


  1. Do you still have a copy of this? I would love to use this for a portable app that saves its .gtkrc-2.0 in the application folder instead of the user profile.

  2. http://sourceforge.net/projects/tumagcc/files/gtk2_prefs.exe/download

    you'll need to put it alongside gimp/inkscape executable

    1. Thanks! I opened gtk2_prefs.exe and it attempted to write to "APPLICATION FOLDER/share/themes/../../etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc".

      However, the file is not created or modified when I hit OK. Any ideas?

    2. Sorry, youre right

      It's been while since I use it, please redownload from the same link (the new one have GTK icon).

    3. Thanks TumaGonx!

      That worked! I've been checking out your blog and it's quite informative. I've added it to my bookmarks! :)

      Thanks again!