16 July 2010

Two most valuable and gigantic download for FREE

1st is wikipedia monthly database dump currently sized 6GB and growing (I still downloading and fighting corrupted data) : http://download.wikimedia.org/enwiki/

2nd is about my hobby -observing maps- of Blue Marble NG satellite imagery from NASA Observatory. currently I have the level 4 which I got it 3 years ago by secretly implanted emule on public cybercafe :). Now (a year ago) NASA publish 500m/pixel which each month globe image sized more than 3GB (totaling almost 40GB). Of course it's not as detailed as google earth not even google maps. But you can get it offline for free! no fuss no compromise! : http://mirrors.arsc.edu/nasa/ or http://worldwind28.arc.nasa.gov/public/

To open very high resolution png/jpg, I use nip2 (other than WorldWind itself)

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