23 July 2009

PyGTK 2.12.1 Python 2.5 using numpy

!OBSOLETE! updated here
If you're looking for PyGTK Windows 32bit binary that use numpy instead of Numeric, I have build "unofficial build" for anyone interested. FYI PyGTK team have just released 2.15.2 (I have binary too but better wait for 2.16.x) so I'll try keep up with upcoming version.

For now here is patched 2.12.1 version. To install it:
- Make sure to uninstall any PyGTK version first
- Unzip, and install

download here: pygtk-2.12.1.win32-py2.5.exe (update: now as installer for convenient)

or you could download John Stower's PyGTK which more recent but unstable here warning: this one using python 2.6.

UPDATED 2.16 version is here

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